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How lossless creative automation works:


Upload uncompromised assets to analysis engine

Otomo ingests assets without change

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Engine creates lossless master

Otomo identifies components for automation, creates bespoke master and bespoke control board

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Review, render & serve

Otomo renders pixel-perfect assets for download, review and approval or to send to your Digital Asset Manager

html, jpg, gif, png, psd, video, mp4

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We used to have to choose between

triangule image Good Cheap Fast

And quality Matters... 75% of advertising impact is due to creative quality.

Otomo uses AI powered software to deliver lossless creative automation This means:

  • Uncompromised creative
  • Uncompromised performance
  • Uncompromised scale

Defy Traditional Constraints

Template layers as 3d view

Benefits of lossless creative automation:

  • Zero Time Constraints
  • Create All Assets Types (static, video, banner, website, email, etc.)
  • Up to 80% Cost Savings
  • Precision Marketing
  • Hyper Localization & Personalization
  • Total Creative Freedom
  • Brand Guardianship
  • Scale your Asset Creation, Adaptation & Workflow
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"Otomo revolutionized our production capability while cutting costs by 80%, reducing man-hours by 90%, and all while improving client RoAS with our world-class creative across 60+ countries and 40+ languages."
Guy W. Global Advertising CEO

Pricing is simple, scalable and available on a per-project basis

Otomo offers 2 licenses types (For businesses optimizing creative production and those scaling) as well as a full suite of production and marketing services. Our account team will work with you to offer the best and most efficient approach for your organizations.

Calculate your savings or schedule a demo now

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Content creator

On August 1st, 2022, Otomo is releasing of a ground-breaking Content Creator tool, which is used to make master HTML design files OR to easily recreate existing assets as HTML masters.

Watch this video to see how a piece of dynamic animated content can be made in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is Otomo for advertising (banners, ads, etc.) only?

    No, Otomo is used in the production of any piece of communication. This can include advertising, training videos, emails, landing pages, internal communications, reviews, approvals, etc.

  • Does my business need to make a lot of digital assets to benefit from Otomo?

    No. We have customers who use Otomo to produce a handful of assets each month. Some use it for approval and workflow only.

  • Is there a minimum number of assets to use Otomo?

    Not necessarily. The lowest tier license includes 50 assets per year, so we recommend it for businesses that produce at least 1 digital asset (banner, email, static, video, etc) per week.

  • Does Otomo force me to use Templates?

    No, the magic of Otomo is it creates a bespoke shell and control board for the adaptation of each asset.

  • Is Otomo a banner builder tool?

    No, but we have that capability and more in our Content Creator coming 8/1