Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Are there any creative limitations that we’ve seen with other template based automation?

    You don’t actually start with a template, so you have complete creative freedom. You simply start with an HTML 5, Photoshop, After Effects or even use our Content Builder if you want. You upload the file you’re working with and then Otomo builds your master board and a matrix where you can create multiple versions.

  • Can we manage which elements are visible and/or changeable within the platform?

    Yes. If you only want to expose certain variables to be updated, then you can select those certain fields to be shown. You can restrict what can be seen, and you can lock certain elements if you don’t want colors or fonts changed or the logo moved, etc.

  • What if we typically work with super complex banners? How does Otomo work in that case?

    The good thing is, Otomo doesn’t actually care how complex your banners are from a mastering point of view. You can have the most complex animation ever, and as long as there are elements that can be targeted, the system is happy. That’s one benefit of not starting from a template. You’re starting from a handcrafted master and the system is converting it into a template.

  • How does the workflow/approval process work in Otomo?

    It’s super simple. You just set up a share link – you can specify who you want to receive it, who is allowed to leave feedback and who is capable of approving them. The operator will then have a dashboard where they can see the feedback, manage the outputs and update the link to send. It’s important to note that all of the previews take place in the actual platform. You do not have to download or upload files. It’s all done within the system.

  • Does Otomo add any additional code to outputs that aren’t in the masters?

    No. What comes out of the system is an exact replica of the approved masters that you put into the system.

  • How do conditionals work? For instance, what if the text is too long? Does the system automatically resize or do you have to do that manually?

    There are code snippets that allow you to build the conditionals into the masters.

  • How do we scale across different markets with multiple languages? Where is that matrix?

    Right, so that all lives in the Google doc. You would get the translation agency to update the copy. You would just download it as a CSV file then upload it into the Otomo system. Inside the system, you would just set up different campaigns for each language and then just duplicate the actual creative upload with the new language.

  • What does it look like to work with longer, richer video files? What if I want to swap out a video with another video?

    It’s all incredibly simple. The complexity of the ad doesn’t actually matter. The process is all the same. You just go into the asset library and select the video file you want to use instead. It’s the same process with a sound file. Just go into the asset library and click the asset you want to use instead.

  • How much does it cost to use Otomo?

    Pricing is very flexible. It’s important to us that it be easy to access and use as much as possible. You only pay for the end output. The lowest tier license includes 50 assets per year, but that’s downloads. You can render and look at as many variations as possible.

  • Is there training and support?

    Absolutely. Training, support and understanding are all critical elements to system success. During onboarding, there will be a very thorough training session. You’ll be taught how to use the system specifically for your needs and then there will be support on hand to help as you use the system.

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